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    actually pretty g ood check out that barbecue sauce a dollar off dollar 50 off hotdogs dollar off of the bag salad Wow there are some good at coupons here so if your low take advantage of those so that is the first read tell me now let's go into the second it's thinner but I know it's going to have the better coupons in here so we have our L'Oreal hair color we are getting L vibe he lenovo coupons re these are a limit of one and then the él vive treatment we have a $2 coupon here we do have some facial care and now we're gonna get into some makeup few pounds $2.00 off of a cosmetic face products $2.00 on the mascara and then $2 on an eyeliner eyeshadow or eye product it excludes the monos though so keep that in mind 3 off to on Garnier Fructis this might be a coupon to use with the target promo so stay tuned if you need to stock up on personal care and then we have a skin active coupons too on the cleanser 3 on the

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